Cue the tears...

The tears have started. They started this morning actually, for no reason I just got all sad a mopey that I'll be tearing Madelyn away from her grandparents and started crying. Then we went and visited one set of Great-grandparents and Chris Dad and I got all snotty crying about not bringing Domino with us to CA.

I really miss that dog. I would give anything if he would just get along with Madelyn and learn to love her and not be grouchy with her. I wish Cesar could come and walk him and teach him how to love the baby instead of resenting her for taking his place.

Tomorrow we'll say goodbye to my Granny and the other side of Chris' family...then Saturday afternoon we leave.

Our stuff was delivered to Chris from storage today. I'm sad that I'm not there to welcome it into the house, that I didn't get to check out the house before it got filled with boxes o' crap, that I'm not there to help my husband unpack.

Speaking of husband, he has pneumonia and I'm not there to take care of him.

I'm a sad, mopey dork...


tiffanyg said…
Oh Katrina, I'm sorry you feel so sad. I know you'll fell better once your back in Chris's arms! Good luck on your drive, I'll be thinking about you. Tiffany
Okay, so first of all.....I know how hard it is to have to leave your family. I'm sorry!!!! I do the ugly face snot nose cry too, there's no way around it.

Second of all, are you driving out to CA by yourself with Madelyn? Be careful if you are!!!! Don't pick up an hitchhikers.

And lastly.....dude, let your husband unpack! But I have a feeling that he will "wait" for you to "help"...I mean do it!

Good luck! Hope your move goes smoothly and enjoy your family these last days.
Bonnie said…
Oh man, I hope Chris gets to feeling better... poor guy!

I'm sorry about all that sadness, I know that I will be doing the same thing once I leave my family. Although, sometimes I feel like crying because I CAN'T leave my family! They are driving me crazy!
The Lowe Family said…
i'm only seeing the positive in all this. you get to come home to a house that is already unpacked!!!! what the crap?! i'm so jealous and i bet amber is too because her house is gonna be packed for the next two years.

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