My baby on stuff...

Today I loaded all of our things up on a tractor trailer and sent them off into the wild blue yonder. All I have is a suitcase, a few boxes of important papers, jewelry, etc...and some toys and movies for a trip across the country with a 16 month old. Good times.
This qualifies as stuff on my baby and my baby on stuff! This is after she removed her cutie patootie striped tights and shoes...don't you love those cankles? Her dress is one she got for her birthday that she finally grew into. Thank you Jessica!!!

Please ignore the messy floor. I had been packing, she had been playing...nobody was cleaning. Oh, and ignore the pizza on her shirt. Actually...only look at the cute baby sitting on the top of the sit and spin.
Yeah, she hasn't quite mastered it yet, but she has fun!


The Lowe Family said…
where did she get that beautiful dress she has on...oh that's gave me a shout out...JESSICA!!

i love it. i think she's looks beautimous! can't wait for you to get to ur new home. have i said that yet?
tiffanyg said…
I love the video, she is too funny. Good luck on your trip! Give me a call sometime so we can catch up before I leave to U.S. I hope your doing well. I miss you Tiffany
Bonnie said…
Ok, no joke... that video made me giggle out loud. That's hard to do. I loved it! She is so freakin' adorable. I didn't realize how dark her hair was. hmm
Anyway, good luck with the move! I'll be thinking of you on your journey... yikes! It's gonna be a long one!
So cute! I need to see if Emma-Kay fits into the dress that Jessica bought her too?!?

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