Baby and Me and Dentist...

Madelyn is just so darn cute at Baby and Me. Today she was the only walker in the class and she kept handing out instruments, the puppets and even help Miss Tassy point out the ABC's. We did 3 crafts to get ready for the Easter Party and one of them gave me a great idea for our family art project! Here she is in a paint smock:

After class Madelyn had her very first dentist appointment. I am so not ready for her to be old enough to go the dentist. OK I guess I am since I'm the one that made the appointment, but whatever. We went to a fabulous pediatric DDS in Carlsbad and Madelyn had so much fun looking at everything in the office and the Dr. keeps it very personal and there were no tears and no trauma. This picture is of the tech trying to get x-rays. We never were able to get them, but hopefully next time. Madelyn was warming up to the idea, but just wouldn't keep the bite plate thing far enough in her mouth.

I love CA weather. At 8:30 this morning our heat kicked on and it is set on like 62 and by this afternoon it was almost 80 and Madelyn was in flip flops! I can't wait to paint these little toenails pink!

This picture has nothing to do with our day today except that it is blooming on our front bank and I just love it! The neighbor has a bunch blooming in the side yard between our houses (maybe they're ours?) but we have just this one and I absolutely love it. We have tons of flowers in our yard...I'll have to give you a floral tour...including several rose bushes, one with huge bubblegum pink blooms.


Bonnie said…
Hey, have i told you how much I hate that your blog is private and I don't get an update when you write? Hmmmm, well, I do.

Madelyn is so beautiful! Lovin' the smock. Can't wait for Emmalyn to join her at Mom and Me!

You can seriously quit bragging about the weather... that's a little annoying! Yet another reason why I am excited to be there!

Oh, poor Maddy had to go the freakin' dentist already!!! She has the rest of her life to do that! I'm glad she left with little trauma!

Love the flower!!
The Lowe Family said…
those flippers are so cute...yes paint the toes, i already did mine and it's only low 70's here. i needa get my kids into the's been like 2 years, i suck. speaking of which I need to go teeth are crap.

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