Blogging the trip...Day 1

It is 20 til 6 and Mom and I are trading off doing make-up and such in the bathroom. Madelyn is still asleep and I'd like her to stay that way as long as possible. Last night we drove about 100 miles to get out of the mountains and away from the snow they are calling for.

Other than the ache I feel from ripping my baby away from her family, the trip is going well so far. Nothing too exciting happened but if the commercials are to be believed, today will be an awesome day because we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

We hope to really push today and make it to Fort Smith, which is right on the Arkansas / Oklahoma state line. That will put us in a good position to make it to Fallbrook by Wednesday and if we make it by Wednesday my daughter might forgive us by Thursday for shoving her in the car for 4 days.

We have snacks, toys, movies, music, more snacks, more movies and chammomile tea in our arsenal. Hopefully that'll be enough.


Bonnie said…
Aw, she's konked out! Bless her heart, it sucks to be strap down in those car seats! The snacks should really help, but man... I don't envy you right now!

Be safe!
The Lowe Family said…
that's so precious...

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