CA or Bust! Day 2...

If you wake up and drive 30 minutes and the road looks like this:

and 30 more minutes down the road you sit in traffic where people ahead of you have had time to build an anatomically correct snowman. She's on the left...Then it should be no surprise when you only go 10 miles in 2 hours and only make it to Arkansas.

Of course, there was a gorgeous sunset
And a pretty sweet hotel room and mediocre pizza to end the day with.

Our day was long, my hiney is sore and Madelyn was a dream! She watched movies, ate snacks and played with toys (and Nanna) with so little complaining that I'm not sure I brought the right baby with me. We were on the road for 12 hours today and we're barely 700 miles into our 2300 mile trip. I really hope tomorrow doesn't have traffic. I'll have some more fun stories after I get some sleep and get over my road too many truckers tried to run me off the road in the last 25 miles of our trip. Sitting in traffic was not too horrible as Mom and I kept one another entertained...and we had KrispyKreme donut holes.


tiffanyg said…
Good luck on you trip. I didn't realize that the trip was over 2000 miles! You go girl!! Miss ya Tiffany
The Lowe Family said…
that makes me wanna throw up. i hate long road trips. bleck. tahnkfully you won't have to come back because u'll be home once u get there.
Sumpffamilie said…
I want to see pics of teh snowlady up close, i think I would have died from laughter if I saw that on the road! Hope today is going better than yesterday!!
Bonnie said…
Gah, I remember those days! I hated every minute of it! At least you brought the right baby and all went well in that regard!

Can't wait to see ya in California!

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