CA or Bust - Day 3...Monday

Another wonderful travel day with Madelyn, she is really handling 10 hours travel time better than I ever would have imagined! We finished up Arkansas with me making fun of the state our entire trip. Actually, I still am making fun of them. It's a whole post all its own.

We passed through Oklahoma where we saw windmills and stopped at Braums for lunch and a frozen yogurt that was so rich and creamy you wouldn't have known it was yogurt.

For the night we stopped in Amarillo. Our hotel was OK. We've been spoiled by our Holiday Inn Express experiences and we decided to go a little cheaper. The room was clean, just not as nice as we were used to. But the people in Amarillo were so nice! Unfortunately we didn't get a steak...our hotel people referred us to Outback or Logan's Roadhouse and we wanted something a little more Texas. We ate at Rosa's tortilla factory...yummy!


Bonnie said…
Ah, you were in my hood and I didn't even know! Welcome to Texas! Nothing compares to TexMex! Hope it was everything you expected!

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