CA or Bust, Day 4 - Tuesday

Our butts are dragging but we keep plugging along. Our hotel had a pretty decent breakfast and an awesome attendant that brought Madelyn yogurt out of a secret reserve.

We were soon out of Texas and into New Mexico where the bridges were pretty and we kept seeing snowcaps. In New Mexico we stopped at a Dairy Queen that had Layaway! You can see the sign in the window to the right...

OK, so there was actually a pretty nice store inside, it was a truck stop kind of place, but we got a kick out of the sign regardless. I think I will put my vanilla cone on layaway for the next time we drive through.

Arizona was the next state and our place of rest. It was gorgeous! In Flagstaff, there was snow! I never really thought of Arizona getting snow but it did and it was pretty cool. Before we stopped I made Mom stop at a tourist trap that was an old trailor with fake dinosaurs, petrified wood and ostriches. It was fabulous! Madelyn got a piece of petrified wood and we had a nice little break. Of course we had to stop on down the road to pee, but whatever.

Then Mom had to delete precious Christmas memories so she could take pictures of bug guts with a sunset in the background.


Bonnie said…
Did you know... that only Texas does Dairy Queen serve a steak finger basket that is to die for... maybe that's why they had layaway. Everybody needs a little steak finger basket!

Glad that your trip is going well!

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