CA or Bust day 5 - Wednesday

Wednesday morning we woke up excited that we'd be making it in to see Chris. I made the mistake of telling Madelyn that we were going to see Daddy before we were actually ready to leave prompting a temper tantrum at the door of our hotel room because she was ready to go right then. We were a little slow getting started and Madelyn graced us with a lovely poo diaper on our way down the mountain so we had to stop and take care of that little situation - the first time on our whole trip that we had to stop specifically for her. Every other stop was for gas, food, and leg stretches. I woke up with a headache, luckily Mom was up for driving and drove 90% of this leg of the trip so I could just chillax in the passenger seat.

We had a couple more stops but not too much time in the desert because we chose to cut down to Phoenix and then pick up the 10. It was a gorgeous drive in Arizona. Absolutely gorgeous.

We got to Chris just before sunset and got to see our new house, new neighborhood and grab some Jack in the Box for a relaxed dinner in our new home. (The windmills are not part of our new neighborhood...just really cool around Palm Springs.)

This house is HUGE! Madelyn had a blast running from room to room and checking everything out. She gets lost pretty easy...lost as in I can't find her so baby gates will be installed soon.

I know I'm way behind on posts, I'll post about the house later, but I love it, Chris loves it, and Madelyn loves it and it feels like home. Mom flies home tomorrow and I am still very sad to be away from family, but this will do for now. It's all temporary until we move back to the East coast.


tiffanyg said…
Congrats!! I"m glad you made it safe.
Bonnie said…
Whoohoo! You made it!

Cant' wait to see that huge house!

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