Daddy's girl

Madelyn is SO happy to be back with her Daddy. On Wednesday night after we got here she started the night off in a pack n play in her room (our stuff from Asheville wasn't here yet so no crib and not even her pack n play) and around 3 she came to bed with us. Apparently that whole time she held on to Chris' arm and just loved and snuggled him.

On Thursday Chris met us at the Exchange and Madelyn and Daddy had a little lunch date at Wendy's. Mom and I walked in and she was sitting in the chair next to him in a booster seat snacking on fries and looking like such a big girl. Two days prior to that I couldn't get her to sit still for 2 minutes in a booster seat.

This morning she woke up after Chris had gone to work and immediately looked on his side of the bed asking "Da?", she then checked the bathroom and office for him. When we did see him on base she was so excited!

Madelyn is such a little Daddy's girl and I am so happy to be here with him and her as a family.

We are settling into base nicely. Today we visited the ASYMCA and got some information on drop off care on base so I can take Madelyn if I have a dr. appt., want to go to the gym, or shopping without a baby. The center is really nice and I feel comfortable leaving Madelyn there for a couple of hours every now and then and for only $4 an hour it will be totally worth it. Tomorrow we have our first Baby and Me class and then tomorrow evening Madelyn is joining Daddy at work for a few minutes and then they'll have dinner while I run off to yoga.

I love our new house, but Madelyn already knows how to open the doors and nothing is safe now. Last night I ran out to the car to get something and she opened the front door and was on her way out just a jabbering and being proud of herself.

It's been cool the past few days, I'm really hoping we start getting some of the SoCal weather that I love!


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