Here goes nothing...

We took the drop down rail off of Madelyns crib today and transitioned it to a toddler bed. She is such a big girl and I'm hoping that this transition will help her sleep better in her own bed. I think she equates the crib with confinement and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this new arrangement will make the bed more enticing.

Of course it could just mean that she'll scare the crap out of me with cold little hands in the middle of the night.

Last week I gave myself a week to get the house decent for an internet tour so...tomorrow I am going to post a tour of the house in all it's undecorated, unpacked craziness. We'll see how much I get done tonight and tomorrow before I take pictures for the internets.


Yah!!!! I hope Madelyn does well for you! I don't think that Emma-Kay is ready yet. I think I'll wait a few more months until I figure out the bedroom arrangements with the new baby coming.

Let me know how she does:) And how many times she gets up in the middle of the night?!?

Can't wait for the tour!!!! its 9:35am eastern time right now, so you should be close to being out of bed...right?!?
Bonnie said…
Whoa, that's a big step! I love having Emmalyn in "Jail" for the better half of the morning. I know that I can ignore her a little longer while I get a few more Zs in. As soon as the rail comes off, it's goodbye late mornings! And, at least for my older two... it was goodbye to naps! I couldn't keep in their beds for anything!
tiffanyg said…
OMG, big girl bed aready!!

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