The many adventures of Dash the Bear

Dash the bear was innocently sleeping on the chair when he was suddenly kidnapped by one Becky and forcibly driven across the country.

Luckily there were plenty of friends to snuggle:

He visited the petrified forest and decided that bears do in fact poop in the woods

He stayed warm on the dash when there was snow in Arizona(!):
He then went on a trail ride into CA
And needed a whole lot of aloe for all those saddle sores

He watched the silent drill team

He got to relax on the beach in Carlsbad after a seafood dinner:
But I'm afraid that after such an adventure to a Marine base that a little something rubbed off on him and he may have a little bit of an attitude now:

So beware of Dash the Bear.

My Dad is involved in scouting and on specific training/level is assigned different animals and his is the bear. Dash is one of his many black bears and was one of Madelyns favorites to grab off his nightstand every chance she got. Everytime we set him on the dash during our trip she wanted him to snuggle.


The Lowe Family said…
OH MY GOSH!!!! okay so kora totally LOVESSSS her hairbow hanger thingy! thanks SO much for sending that, you rock!! i'm glad ur home with your lover.
Bonnie said…
What hairbow hanger thingy!? Listen lady, I'm the one that needs bribing! You're stuck with me in California!

Anyway, I love the little Dash story! Very cute, I always wondered if they, you know, pooped in the forest! Glad to know they didn't just hold it.
So cute!!!! Love the post!

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