Paint, yoga and my new best friends

So you know you're out of shape when at the end of a fairly easy yoga class the instructor looks at you and asks if you were hurting because you seemed to be struggling at the end of class. Yeah. Blech. Overall it was a nice escape and I will be going back...hopefully looking a little less strained.
This morning we had our first Baby and Me class and it was a blast! Ms. Tassy is awesome and we had music, toys and painting! Madelyn tries so hard to be tough but she's just a girly girl. She immediately stuck her hand in the plate of paint and about .2 seconds later she was rubbing her hand on her smock and crying because she couldn't get the paint off her hand. I forgot the camera so I don't have a picture of the little spot on her shirt or of her hands, but thankfully I have two new best friends to help me with that little spot.
Meet Martha and Rico:
Martha is my super huge washing machine that is water and energy efficient and she doesn't have a big agitator so I can throw all kinds of stuff her way and she takes care of it all...

Rico is her partner. He is a super sweet dryer that can handle anything she throws at it. (Don't you love the fact that I was too lazy to remove the paperwork before snapping the picture?)

And see that setting down there in the right corner? The one that says rapid refresh? This is the reason I think they should legalize marriage to an appliance. I throw the whole families clothes in there, hit start and in the time it takes to slap on some make-up and change a diaper my clothes are wrinkle free enough to go into the public.


Okay, but you didn't take the picture of the 3rd machine that actually folds all the laundry and puts it away for you. Oh, is that because that machine is too expensive?!? Well, if that is the case, I need to start saving up for one, because I REALLY need one!!!!!

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