Toddler bed - update

This is not a total success yet, but our nights have been a little easier and have had more sleep for mommy. There have only been two times that she has come wandering down the hall to our room so I am happy that she is not immediately hopping out of bed. I think she enjoys the freedom of knowing that she can get out of the bed if she chooses. Madelyn is a strong willed baby and choices are the best way to get her to behave and be happy. If she has too much freedom she is miserable and too much structure is just the same. She likes a certain amount of order, if her toys are a mess she won't play with them. If her building blocks sit in the middle of the play area for 2 days she doesn't touch them but 20 minutes after cleaning them up she wants to play again. I am happy that we decided to give the toddler bed a try. It seems like she is happy and comfortable to go to bed now, it's a bed and not a prison.

We still have other battles to fight...**cough**milk**cough**...but I think we're getting there, I would LOVE to have a weaned, sleeping all night baby by the time we fly to Asheville in May but then again being able to nurse her on a 4 hour flight might just be the way to get some peace.

In other Madelyn news, I am finding that since she was such a chunk last summer and now she has gotten taller and slimmed down that most of the clothes I bought her at the end of summer still fit! Woohoo! The dresses are a little short so they have to go over leggings but I'm still so excited to get more wear out of those clothes and not to have to go buy a whole new wardrobe since we went from snow to 80 degree weather.


Amanda said…
Hooray for semi-success with the toddler bed!
I am dreading the toddler bed myself with Emma-Kay. I'm just not sure when to do it?!?! By her age now, I already had Isabel and Ian in a big bed...but with Emma-Kay, she is like Madelyn...very strong willed! Obviously, I'm going to need the crib again in I need to figure it out. I'm still trying to figure out the bedroom situation with the kids now. Who is going to share with the baby?!?!

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