OK, blogger is being a total turd tonight so it's only loading like every other picture...this will have to do for now.
Hi! Welcome to our home. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. To the right are couches for your sitting pleasure or you may rock and watch the kids play.

Would you like something to drink?

Please excuse the boxes in the kitchen. That short one in the middle with my purse on it? It's holding the place of a new fabulous pub table that should be here in a week or so. I don't know why the Dyson is still hanging out in here.

Sit down and enjoy some TV while I fix up some snacks. I have an idea to fill that big gaping hole above the fireplace...if it works it will be fabulous!

You are right, it's gorgeous outside, lets go out there! The backyard, home to a bazillion lizards, a few spiders and one little bunny who likes to poop on the patio. (There's more to the left but blogger is loading slow...)
Ah, here's our patio, have a seat and enjoy the 75 degree weather.
Just be careful, there's already a munchkin in one of the chairs!

Yeah I know there are glares and craziness. Apparently my camera and blogger don't want you to see our house. I'll try harder tomorrow...or not.


Love the house....and I know that your loving it too!!!! You have so much space in there! How fabulous!!!! It will still take you some time to get everything just right, it always does. LOVE LOVE LOVE the backyard! Why are you rubbing in our face that its 75 out? Is that because its only in the 40s here? Oh, thats nice!!!redslutow!!!!!
Bonnie said…
Ugh, you are really rubbing my nose in it! I am liking you less and less... but not so much less that I won't let you cook dinner for me in that fabulous kitchen!
The Lowe Family said…
i LOVE the new home!! HOW COZY!! so where is it and how far from the base? i can't believe you found such a great option! u needa help bonnie hook something up.

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