Where is everyone?!?!

There times when I miss my family and friends more than ever and today in Walmart was one of those times.

There is a select group of people who would have giggled with me like a 12 year old girl at the sounds coming over the speakers at Walmart today and NOT one single one of them lives here (except Chris). I just wish this video would have captured them a little better. It sounded like two teenage boys were having a flatulance noise contest and it went on the ENTIRE 45 minutes we were in the store.

Best listened to at half volume and I am not blowing into the mic...those are the loud speaker noises.


The Lowe Family said…
no freakin way...where was it coming from and why"? i'm laughing out loud. i love that. i also love that madelyn has no clue how funny that is.
Okay, it totally sounded like gorillas or something?!?! And sweet Madelyn has no clue that your using her as a bate! Love it!!!!

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