Do's and Don'ts of turning 30

Don't let 13 hours of non-sick baby fool you into thinking it's over and continue with birthday fun.

Don't let the baby puke in the car on the way to birthday shopping.

Don't take medical advice from your dad. He will just say the baby is sick because of the 30 year old milk she's drinking.

Do insist on fluids for the baby in ER or you'll end up back there on Sunday because the doctor has made too easy a diagnosis of an ear infection (which she doesn't even have as proved by her follow up appt. yesterday...such a freaking waste of a Saturday!)

Don't force fluids into your daughter with a syringe. It will trigger gag reflex.

Do learn that Victoria's Secret is how to make two water balloons that look like they have a leak look full and happy again.

Do get dinner to go.

Don't eat dinner to go, because you're going to learn that the easy ear infection diagnosis is WRONG and it's a stomach flu.

Don't get the stomach flu. Don't. You won't like it. You will be forced to remember many birthdays that you spent puking late at night and you'll realize just how very different this situation is.

Do take hot showers and keep up with cleaning up the pukey laundry. You won't do a regular load of laundry until Monday.

Do go back to the ER for anti-nausea meds and 2 bags of fluid for an extremely dehydrated baby.

Do stagger getting the flu with your husband so that you both aren't fighting for toilet space. Thank GOODNESS we followed this one. I don't know what we would have done with all 3 of us sick at the same time.

Do mourn the fact that you missed the avacado festival that you have been looking forward to for weeks. Luckily it will be there next year and I'll still be in my 30's.


So, it sounds like you had a great birthday weekend then...full of puke and more puke and ER visits. It's nice to know that your ER docs there, also give wrong diagnosis.

Avacado's are over rated anyways...remember, they made me puke too!

I hope Madelyn is feeling better now:) How does it feel to be in your 30's now?
The Lowe Family said…
ahhhh the joy of vicky toria. i sure love how they make two socks with sand in the bottom look like water balloons....
Bonnie said…
Uhm, are you calling your growing belly the flu? Whatever dude, we all know you're knocked up. Big water balloon boobs totally gave that one away. After all, you're next in line.

Just let me know when it's my turn...I'm ready. I'll be warming up in the near future!

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