Easter Eggstravaganza - Part II

Tonight we died our Easter eggs. It was a lot of fun, I haven't died eggs in a really long time. The pink one in the foreground is the one Madelyn colored on with the clear crayon to make a pattern. It was an attention hog. I barely bumped the table and there it came a rolling. The three in the middle have our names on them and the purple one to the right says "We love you". Chris wrote that one and was the first one really successful with the crayon.

Chris and Madelyn helped set up the photo shoot.
Madelyn wasn't completely sure what to do with the egg and crayon. I mean really, when do those two things EVER go together.
So she decided to just eat the egg.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Easter tomorrow! We are doing church, egg hunt and a traditional ham dinner...and hopefully a fabulous family nap.


The Lowe Family said…
i use crayon with my eggs all the time. whatcha talkin about?

good job guys they look wonderful!
Bonnie said…
That orange one looks very superior, he prolly needs an attitude check.

I love the eggs! You guys did an awesome job! I don't blame Madelyn for eating them... boiled eggs are yummy!! Did they give her terrible gas? They always do my kids!

Hope you had a good Easter!
The eggs look great! Madeyln was having alot of fun...hopefully that egg was cleaned before she stuck it in her mouth...we don't want her catching any nasty diseases!

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