Easter Eggstravaganza...Part 1

Today we had our Easter party for the ASYMCA Baby and Me program. It was all ages combined so we had a great time watching the older kids, except the older boy who I caught just before he was going to throw Madelyn's shoe across the gym. Here is Madelyn with her Easter Basket that I paper mache'ed and she painted.

She got her face painted which I honestly didn't think she would like but she sat still and asked for more after her bunny was done. It was super sweet.
She hunted Easter eggs and managed to get 4 eggs! After 2 she lost interest in the eggs and just wanted to walk around swinging her basket and happened upon 2 more. One older girl gave her an egg because she (the older girl) had like a bazillion and Madelyn promptly gave it to another little girl.

We had fried chicken and a yummy pot luck of side. I LOVE pot lucks. They are yummy and exciting and an excuse to have 20 things on your plate. There were these adorable cupcakes! There were some fat cheeked bunnies too but I didn't get a pic of them. This cupcake was almost too cute to eat. Almost.

The whole time the Easter Bunny was visiting the class Madelyn was mesmerized. She loved him! She followed him around and it was an absolute fight to make her stay in line to wait her turn to sit with him.
So doesn't it kind sorta maybe look like that paper bunny has the runs...and it's green?
I'm going to start a new feature on this here blog and the picture above is the inspiration for the very first Way Back Whenesday. It will be on Wednesday, duh... oh and when you read Whenesday you should hear the "h". It adds a little something.


Happy Easter Madelyn!!!! She looks like she really had a great time! And was into holding her basket and hunting for eggs:)

I just want to eat that yummy cupcake right now!!!!
Bonnie said…
Ok first off... paper mache'.... what was all that woe is me crap... you are totally and over achiever mom!

Two... that cupcake looks freakin' awesome!!! I wish I could have had some of that!

Three... I'm so proud of her for sitting in the bunny's lap! She is so proud! Those big characters are so scary!

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