Getting all National Geographic up in here

I feel like I am living in a bad episode of National Geographic, the nature around here is doing it's best to keep it real and to make sure I see it. The other day we were driving through the base and a coyote went dashing along the side of the road, I thought he just got spooked by the cars but when we got to where he was there was a squirrel hanging out of his mouth and he was just looking at us like we were interrupting his dinner.

Then there's the fact that every time Madelyn and I go to the lake the crows are hanging out acting like it's a club on Saturday night with their feather fluffing, cat calls, and bumping and grinding. Apparently the lake is a hot spot for mating crows. Did you know that the female crow is actually brown and not large black and ugly? I didn't know that either until I was at the lake and watched the men work their magic. Unless the birds I've been watching aren't crows and then I just feel dumb...and dirty for being present during their um...shenanigans.


Thank you for that tid bit! I thought it was going to be a post about the magazine. My dad collects them and they are always hanging out by the toilet for those "moments" that you might need them.

Just make sure you hang on tight to Madelyn next time you go to the lake. Maybe they are up there swarming to try and take her away? It could happen?

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