I think...

I think the lady who did my hair the other day missed the day in class that taught that there would be real live people under the hair once they are working in a real live salon. I swear she combed through my hair a bazillion times and wasn't gentle about it and she combed my ears. Luckily I am happy with the haircut, but I am NOT going to her for color...I'll come looking like a freak with color all over my face!

I think that people should look in mirrors before they leave their house so they don't walk outside with their bra showing through their shirt.

I think the Naval Hospitals mission is to be a pain in my rear by making me schedule a bazillion appointments to get 3 things done that could be done in one appointment.

I think that my new skillet is so flipping awesome that I will marry it! It is currently cooking 8 that's EIGHT porkchops evenly and wonderfully.

I think that people should pay attention to what their children are wearing. Today at the post office a guy walked in in long pants and a jacket carrying his 2 (maybe 3) year old son who was wearing nothing but shorts. If you are cold...so is your child, at least cold enough to have on a shirt!

I think I will end this now and start wishing for hubby to make it home already! I think we need to walk to the park and let a certain child run out some of her energy.


Finally, your back!!!!

Okay, so first of all....why do you need to color your hair? Is it because your like me and keep pulling gray hair out of your head?

I think that most of America does NOT own a full legnth mirror. Either that, or they think that they look hot when they were 3 sizes too small for them, and have their nasties showing. You know what I mean....they are soooo NASTY because remember they are wearing things 3 sizes too small! No class!!!!

I'm glad I'm at MY Naval Hospital and not yours! Next time wear your slutred highs in for the appt and see if that helps you get what you need?

A skillet that holds 8 porkchops? I didn't know one exsisted! And why are you making 8 porkchops anyways? Who's coming over for dinner?

When you say that people should pay attention to what there kids are wearing....do you think that the people who should look at themselves before they head out in public, are the ones that get their kids dressed? Probably!!!!

And a walk sounds nice!

Have a great weekend!
The Lowe Family said…
holy crap...is amber in need of somet attention or something? she's like writing a novel here.

yea i have teh same question about the porkchops...unless madelyn has suddenly started eating about 10 TIMES more than what she usually eats...whatcha need all that meat for?

ps...u know u want my flowerdy shirt.

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