Mature audience...not so much

Today Madelyn was watching one of her shows on Noggin while I was doing dishes (still no dishwasher, what the crap?) and they were making a big deal about one of the characters going "home" and leaving his friends and nobody would be able to visit him and he wouldn't come back and there aren't any phones and basically he was just gonna be gone.

I'm listening to this and my mind starts racing "I guess this is how they kill off characters on children's shows, not like Steve from Blues Clues who went off to college. I wonder why Henry is leaving the show, contract issues, new show, does he want more money? If it's over money then screw him, this is childrens tv and he should be happy to entertain kids, I don't want him entertaining Madelyn if he is money hungry. Oh well, that's OK he'll probably never work again and if he does he'll totally be typcast because he's a penguin.... Oh wait...this is an animated show."

Henry didn't leave, he stayed with his friends.


Hahaha! Maybe the "voice guy" got a new job at a new network making more money and he can actually show his face and be a real actor?!?!
Bonnie said…
What? So did henry leave or what? I'm confused. I liked Henry! Did you know Fred Savage is the Octopus's voice.

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