Weekend fun

Saturday afternoon we headed to the hardware store to buy some stuff to get rid of the aphids on my roses so that I can bring them in and stick em in a mason jar.

Why, yes I am a 70 year old woman who photographs her flowers. I wish you could smell this rose, it smells just like a rose should.

Then we went to the playground to play a little and get nice and tired before heading to dinner at Firehouse where Madelyn had a mexican grilled cheese (quesadilla).

Sunday we did some laundry and then went and looked at MORE houses for Bonnie and headed down to the pier in Oceanside. It was a breezy 75 degrees out and we had a great time. Nothing like a beach in Southern CA to make me feel old and fat. LOL I was way over dressed.

Then we headed back on base to the commissary and had to go back and take pictures of base housing for Bonnie and I bugged some poor lady so that I could look inside because Bonnie just can't move into a house without knowing every little stinking detail. Gosh that girl!

On our way off base we saw this going across the road.

I am totally freaked out about snakes now and will be searching the backyard daily before Madelyn goes out to play. The neighbor as only seen one snake in 10 years. But in my mind that translates to "Then it's time for them to swarm your backyard".


The Lowe Family said…
thats the snake thats gonna crawl up ur toilet plumbing and bite u on ur bootie at night. see, i'm not insane.

love the pic of you and madelyn all windblown.

bonnie owes you...like LOTS of something yummy.

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