Welcome home signs that should be left at home

You just have to love Marine wives. We do our best to make our Marine feel loved and welcome him home the best way we know how with signs and looking fabulous. There are a few signs on the fence by the back gate and well...a few of them should have stayed home. Here are a few examples of real signs:

1. Welcome Home Sexxxy Smoker! I just don't get this one at all. Alot of Marines smoke...and it definitely isn't xxx rated sexy.

2. LCpl whatshisname is my sexy hunk. Thanks for letting us know.

3. Feliz Cumpleanos! Welcome Home! (I think they are confused as to what they are celebrating?)

4. Welcome home Mia More. More what?

5. emocleW Home. (OK, so I'm pretty sure a kid had something to do with this one so it's not that bad, but 'welcome' is totally spelled backwards and nothing else is.)

Oh and all of these signs have been up for over a month. So either the homecoming got pushed back or these people are just lazy and are taking up valuable fence space for other families to welcome their loved one home.

There is one really good sign and it should stay up for all the Marines to see when they come home:

I missed you! Good thing the bad guys did too!

I love that one. It's the best sign ever. Maybe even better than the one I had made for Chris with a 2 foot x 2 foot picture of him on it. That went home with us as soon as he saw it...as did the handpainted one by the gate...that he missed seeing on the bus ride because he wasn't paying attention.


Amanda said…
Some people really don't think. Haha!
I love this post! Too funny! I am always looking at the ones at our front gate too, and they really need to be taken down too. There are some really stupid one's up there. But I do love the last one, "we missed you and so did the bad guys"! Too funny!
I had a dream about you last night, you were pregnant with another girl!
The Lowe Family said…
oh my gosh, all our signs are sooo ghetto and trashy. i should start taking pictures of them.
Kim said…
The sign I am going to make and put up here in lejuene (at some random time)

"sorry Jody, gotta say goodbye...

See how long untill someone takes it down :)

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