Are you kidding me?

If you know me, or Madelyn then you know of our struggles with eating anything other than honey nut cheerios, grapes, and macaroni and cheese. Occassionally I can get something else in her, but it's never a vegetable. It's been an ongoing struggle since she figured out that she could refuse to eat. She has NEVER liked green vegetables and physically gags on peas (I do this too..I hate peas.)

This past Saturday my friend invited me to a seminar by Dr. Sears. I had heard of him but didn't really know what he was all about and figured it couldn't hurt, there's always something to learn. He started talking about picky eaters and told us what he did with his own son who was a picky eater and told us not to be short order cooks. Then he told us about a Center for kids who don't eat good and dont' do other things good too* where they did a study to prove parents wrong about what their kids would and wouldn't eat. The study proved that it took an average of 15-20 times of placing a food in front of child and walking away and eating it yourself for the child to start eating it. This sounded perfect for us. I started on Monday.

On Monday we started with oatmeal for breakfast and green beans for our veggie. We are on day three and Madelyn willingly consumed 5 greenbeans before asking for more and then ate 4 more and left her macaroni and cheese untouched. Of course oatmeal is still on the outside but I think that's a texture thing...she's never liked thick textures.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I almost took a video of it, I was that excited.

I had been planning to write this post earlier today telling about how we were doing it and expecting to report that Madelyn allowed the beans to stay in the bowl...never thinking she would eat them.

Now I'm just dreading broccoli and sweet potatoes. My two arch nemesis...other than peas but I don't count peas, they are not even in my vocabulary.

*OK, maybe it wasn't called that but I like that name. The building looks like a big fork. :)


Amanda said…
OK, we're not doing solids, yet, but I feel sure that one of my kids will be a picky eater. Please explain more how you are performing this miracle!

And HOORAY for Madelyn eating the green beans! I remember reading an older post on how she'd only eat mac n cheese. I know this knew development has you so excited!
Okay, that is totally insane!!!!! That is so awesome that Dr. Sears was right, who would've thought to do that?!?! I guess all the scientist who have done all the studies!

Way to go Madelyn!!! Does this method work on adults too?!?!
The Lowe Family said…
eww...peas make me gag. what the crap IS that...crap...inside of a pea? it's like pea crap or something.

austin visited the center for kids who don't read good and don't do other things good too when he was in qtown. u might remember it...the marine corps museum?
Kim said…
wow... and I was thinking about sending my kids to the Derek Zoolander Centre For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too :)

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