Last night Madelyn stayed up really late after a nap in the living room floor at 5 pm so Chris and were working around the house and at around 9 I walked back to her bedroom to put away some clothes and hear a horrible rustling sound. It sounded like somebody or something was trying to come in the window or was in a closet or was really scary. I went to get Chris who of course dismissed my craziness (I'm a little paranoid sometimes) until he walked back and heard it too. It was a big enough sound that he got the pistol and headed outside to check it out. Upon seeing nothing he walked around the house and heard a similar sound outside when the sprinklers hit the roof. Sweet, the noise is named.

Fast forward about an hour and a half and Madelyn is sleeping in our bed and I am putting away towels in the hall closet and I hear the noise again so I question Chris if the sprinkler is still on and it isn't. Crap! So we go back to the bedrooms to try to figure it out and realize that it's coming from INSIDE THE WALL! There is a critter nesting or something in the wall between my baby's room and the guest bedroom!

This explains so much. I hear all kinds of things going bump in the night and have just been chalking it up to my crazy. Then there are times when Madelyn will wake up and scream and run down the hall and sound absolutely terrified. Her normal wake up is more whiney and wimpery and we go give her a snuggle and she goes back to sleep in her bed, so the screaming and crying are obviously times that she hears the critter and thinks something is going to get her. I feel so bad. I don't want my baby to be afraid...especially since it's justified because it really did sound like something was coming through the wall.

Needless to say she will be in our bed until said critter finds a new home...or no longer needs a home.


tiffanyg said…
The poor thing! She really has a monster in her room.
OMG!!!! I totally was laughing at this...because this has happened to me too! Except mine was a BIRD and it was in our bedroom wall! No kidding!!!! At night, I would hear this horrile sound and I'm the type of person that has to figure out what a sound is before I can fall back asleep. Then I heard it twerp....and it freaked me out. It sounded like it was going to come through the wall. I was looking everywhere to see if there was a hole in the wall it could come through. So, everynight I would go to bed with listening to this bird inside our wall...until it finally DIED! Thank goodness we didn't smell anything. We lived in campus housing then.

Anyways, back to Madelyn...poor thing! She is probably scared to death of that noise. I wonder what kind of animal it is? Obviously something pretty big to be that loud and rustling around in there. Hopefully it will die soon, or find away OUTSIDE!
Amanda said…
You poor things (both of you)! I hope it either goes away or you're able to get rid of it soon.

I was convinced a possum had gotten in the house (via the doggie doors) one night. It sounded JUST like their evil hissing. I remember creeping down the stairs with a broom or something ready to beat it. Then I realized it was the sprinkler hitting the windows. It still took me a while to get back to sleep.
Sumpffamilie said…
I was so upset for her!! I would have just hugged an apologized over and over! So are you going to have someone remove it?? I couldnt just leave it. All the bacteria and mold etc that will end up in the air!! ick! get rid of it!!!
The Lowe Family said…
THAT is really scary. are you gonna call some pest control or something? i don't like that one bit. poor madelyn needs to come sleep at my house until you get all the monsters out of her bedroom.

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