Saturday list...

1. There is nothing better than getting a show at the pharamacy on base. OK, maybe there is but the two old men fighting at the counter pretty much made our wait worth while.

2. People watching here in CA is fabulous. Today we were leaving the mall and there was a teenage girl walking in her pajamas with her hand run down the backside scratching her butt...blatantly butt scratching right outside the mall! I thought Socal was supposed to be glamorous.
3. Our camera's flash crapped out on us making capturing a good pic of a baby on the move impossible. So we picked up a new Nikon Coolpix today. I would love an SLR, but I really think a point and shoot is better for our family and lifestyle right now. Maybe an SLR as a special occasion camera and not an every day one.

4. On Friday night Chris had his first encounter with glitter. He took Madelyn to a father/daughter dance on base where she recieved a wand covered in silver glitter which she promptly hit him on the head with showering him with glitter. I don't think this will be the last time he gets glittered.

5. In preparation for her big dance Madelyn got her little piggies painted pink.

6. Today we went to the stables to check out the horses during their open house and found out that Madelyn LOVES horses! She didn't want to get off when it was over and reached over to pet and love on the horse. I was so shocked that she did so well and even rode it up the hill and back. At $2 a ride I know how we'll be spending some of our afternoons!


The Lowe Family said…
are those ur piggies too? they match! i love it. did u get to go to the dance? why don't we have pictures of it?!

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