I guess I'm going to just do a bunch of silly posts tonight as I sit here on pain meds with my feet up...

Madelyn loves tickles and snuggles. She wants you to tickle tickle tickle her and then she buries her head in your chest. I love it! Her giggles are the best sound in the entire world and the snuggles, well...I don't have to tell you that snuggles are the reason God made babies.

She will pull up her shirt to allow maximum raspberry and belly gobbles. She will grab your hand and put it on her belly for tickles and her whole body will tense if you even mention tickles.

She and I just finished a round of T&S and she promptly hopped off my lap and sat on Chris chest (he's laying in the floor watching a movie) and wanted tickles and snuggles from him.

I can't wait for our families to see her next week, to see how much she's grown and changed and to hear these beautiful giggles for themselves.


Bonnie said…
The pervert in me was trying to figure out what T&S was, but then I read it and it wasn't anything like what I first imagined. heehee

I love T&S too!
Bonnie said…
hey wait, why are you on pain meds?
Love the baby laughs...but Katrina...they aren't babys anymore! Isn't it so sad...they are toddlers now!

I hope you have fun with your family, I know you will! Happy packing!!!!
Amanda said…
Giggles are just wonderful! And snuggles...heaven on earth.

It's amazing how much more I want to see my parents now that I have children. When I know we're going to see them for weeks I'll say, "I can't wait until they see the boys!"

Enjoy your time with your families. And so sorry about your foot. Ouch!
Froggylady said…
Amber, she's still my baby. I didn't go and get myself knocked up and replace her as baby...yet.

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