Our trip in pictures - Madelyn edition

Last Saturday we left on a jetplane for Asheville and were lucky enough to procur an extra seat (we didn't buy Madelyn her own ticket) and she did as well as could be expected from a 19 month old.

No, we weren't on a spaceship, blogger won't load the rotated picture.

Madelyn was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses and I was amazed at how well she remembered everybody. There was the sweetest look of recognition in her face whenever she encountered another family member. It's kind of sad that the poor thing is so used to seeing strangers.

She ate nutella and graham crackers at midnight because she didn't think she needed to switch time zones...

She played the piano for Great Great Grandmother Brown at Great Grandmother Sue's house.
I'll post a video of her playing later...it's so cute!

Friday was the rehearsal for Uncle Brandon's wedding and we had a cookout afterwards where she fell in love with the teeter totter.

Saturday was the wedding and she performed her flower girl duties gloriously.
But really all she wanted to do was go down to the water with Daddy.


Kim said…
I love that last picture!
The Lowe Family said…
that last picture couldn't be more perfect. i really love it. it made me cry.
Bonnie said…
Well, not to sound repetitive, but that last picture is awesome! I love it! She looks so beautiful in her flowergirl dress.

I think it's great to have all those generations together! I grew up with one grandparent that is now gone and sometimes it makes me sad that my children will never have that multi-generational time.

By the way, are you working on your homework? You only have one more month to get it done so get BUSY!
Bonnie said…
Oh and unfollowing and then following again fixed the issue. I can now see you in blogger updates!

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