Beautiful girl

Just a few pictures of Madelyn from exciting day of playing and going to Target and the mall. We like to live on the edge.

Chasing a raisin....
I needed to replace her beanbag chair because it was a casualty of the great stomach virus of 2009 and as soon as I put it in the cart she wanted to sit on it. So I obliged...
It's such a hard life to be pushed around in a shopping cart on a cushy chair.
Of course today she "baptised" her new bean bag chair by dumping 20 oz of water on it that her bear was "drinking". It's never boring around here!


Bonnie said…
I love that top picture! Her eyes are gorgeous!

And at least you know your chair will be saved. Maybe if you hold on to it tight enough you might be too. Or you could stop drinking your tea :-)
The Lowe Family said…
i want one of those bean bag buggy's.

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