Happy Fifth of July!

We had a great Fourth of July, we stayed home and did some low key family fun. First I made Madelyn fill up her own pool

Then I forced her to gnaw on a corn cob.

Then we strapped daddy up to the wagon and made him pull her to the park above our house to look at fireworks.

She was miserable

Then the show started!

There were jelly fish...

and weird heart shaped monsters
Some green mist...
and Fraggle poms!

It was way past bed time and all just a little too exciting for one little pumpkin...
OK, so she wasn't actually asleep, but she did ride all the way home this way popping her head up randomly. All in all we had a great time!


It looks like you all had a horrible time! All those scary flashes of lights in the sky must of beem horrible to watch!

I love babys eating corn on the cob. Emma-Kay LOVES eating it too!!!!!
The Lowe Family said…
some of those fireworks look like sperm attacking an egg.

don't u think?

i like the corn picture.

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