1. Chris' dad visited for the past 9 days and left yesterday morning before Madelyn got out of bed. After our LINKS class we came home, took a nap and as soon as she woke up she walked around looking for "Papaw" and kept saying "Papaw, where?"
2. On Sunday night we decided to do an impromptu bowling trip. I was getting the camera ready to take a picture and Madelyn found a ball that she could pick up and took off! With as much as she loves balls I should have known she would have a blast. The orange ball is a 6 pounder.

3. Apparently it is slavery if I make my daughter hold the hose to fill up her own pool, so she found a better option. I never would have even thought the hose would stay that way!
4. Since I weaned Madelyn she is a whole different girl sleep wise. She requires a 2-3 hour nap at 12:30 every day and she sleeps for 11 hours at night. Before weaning she was an hour napper and it was flexible and she was sleeping 9-10 hours a day. WTC?
5. Potty training is coming and I am scared...but already making plans for that $30+ a month in diaper $$!
6. We don't have any visitors for the first time in a few weeks...who wants to come visit?
7. What was this chick thinking? She obviously planned to come to the beach because she had on a swimsuit, so it's obviously not an impromptu dip in the why the leggings and shorts and shirt and bathing suit? I don't get it.
8. Today I went to our local wallymarket and I swear people were so rude! I was just kind of walking around checking out the newly arranged store and doing some price comparision (I don't get out of Fallbrook or off base much) and first there was a lady pushed so close up on me that I couldn't back up to go down an aisle I missed, she was literally on my heels. Then there was an associate that was following so close that when I stopped to pick up some wipes she plowed into my back! She apologized but followed it with "I didn't know you were going to stop." Umm...I'm in your store shopping...hopefully I stop to buy some stuff so you can keep your job!
9. Ending on nine just for Jessica, it is her favorite number after all...

Comments your #9!

Okay, so this is really hard to redo your list here because your comment section doesn't come back to your post.

Okay the pic of Madelyn and the "balls"....she looks like Flash in the picture because she just swept in super fast and got the ball with all her muscles.

She is super smart with the hose could you doubt that, afterall, you gave her 20 mths of breastmilk...that did something for her brain waves! (or is it brian??? I always get the spelling of the 2 mixed up.)

Um, I think that is all I got for you, I have a short term memory problem right now, and can't remember what else you blogged about.
Bonnie said…
Yeah, I'm totally with you on the leggings... what in the world was she thinking... she looks like the wicked witch of the west! UGLY

I love the streak of Madelyn snatching the bowling ball... that was Em's fave too!

I have family down until next Saturday, but maybe the following week we can get together again. I love that Blue park

Oh and the whole hose thing... she's a genius! Man, I don't think I would have thought of that!
The Lowe Family said…
ur a butthole. anyway, WHY didn't you come say hi to me when u saw me wading in the water with my leggings? i was looking for YOU. that really makes me mad that i fly all the way out there and then i can't even see you but you take shots of me and thenbash me on ur blog?

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