A little potty humor

We are taking steps to potty train Madelyn and this means that she is now obsessed with pee pee and poop. I go pee and it's "Mama pee pee?", Chris goes pee and it's "Da da pee?", Madelyn goes in her diaper and it's "PEE PEE!" or "POOP!".

The other day I was trying to take care of a little business on the toilet and Madelyn was way too interested in what I was doing and the more I tried to distract her so that I could have some privacy the more interested she was. So much so that she eventually carried her stool into the bathroom and sat on it at my feet and rested her head on my knees saying "Mama pee?"

I think I'll cancel the cable and we can have family potty night the next time we all eat Mexican.


Laura said…
That's awesome! I wish I could get Kiersten interested in the potty. She'll sit on it fully clothed, but not when she's "nakey" and has a draft up her booty.
Bonnie said…
Oh yeah, I read this. I thought I commented but I guess not.

It's cheap entertainment, well if your mexican is Taco Bell... which I'm sure it is. But I'm not sure that you should cancel your cable, unless YOU enjoy watching Chris and Madelyn go poop and pee.

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