Making butter

Last week my friend Kristen took Madelyn to our Summer Fun class while I went to a class and while she definitely had her hands full (she has a 10 month old), Madelyn had a great time and I didn't want her to miss the activity that day. I really wish I could have been there because based on these pictures I know just how much Madelyn was LOVING milking a "cow" and it would have cracked me up.

Here's Farmer Tassy and Bessie Cow...

You want me to do what with what??!

Um...OK, but I think I'll just touch this part up here.

After squeezing out the milk (heavy whipping cream) they shook it up in baby food jars and made butter! I don't have pictures of this part, but I'm sure Madelyn was on board with it! Madelyn brought me a piece of bagle with some of her homemade butter on was so special! Thank you Kristen for taking care of my little dumpling and allowing her to milk a cow.


The Lowe Family said…
can u really make butter with cream? i wanna see that happen.
Okay, Madelyn is SOOOO your daughter! Her little look that she is giving the "farmer" like, "what" just like you!!!! Same look! Too stinkin cute!

Did the farmer know what the kids age group was? Maybe Madelyn will remember how to milk a cow, and turn it into butter when she gets older.
Bonnie said…
Hey, that's a really cool activity! I need to get Em in something like that. I could use some help with the grocery bill... maybe next time they'll grow wheat and make some bread or chop off a chicken's head and learn to pluck it. That's a whole meal!

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