OK OK, I get it...

I guess I was a little harsh on the maker of the sign proclaiming the sexual activities of a married couple upon return from deployment.

It just didn't sit well with me. The idea is cute but it just isn't executed as well as it should be.
Women, you have 6+ months to plan your welcome home sign...I expect a little more. Of course mine just said Welcome Home! I love you! But whatever.

Plus I have driven past this sign at least twice a week (usually much more) for over a month now and it's just on my nerves. Take it down already!

Hey look! Here's a cute picture of Madelyn...

taking care of some business
and travelling with her most current entourage, a cup, hat, baby, glowbug and sunglasses. Every. Single. Trip.


Bonnie said…
I love the entourage! We have a very similar one, includes a baby, a cup, a hat and a very special blanket. I love this age!
Sumpffamilie said…
I am literally laughing out loud. Love it.

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