Fill er up.

The whole time I was in Asheville I drove my parents car which has a gas gauge that looks something like this:

When I returned to CA and back to my own car I had to get gas right away because our drive back from San Diego had left me on empty and the idiot light on. Not wanting to overpay or drive on base, I just put in $15 to get me through. When I got in I was amazed that my $15 had gotten me 3/4 a tank of gas! After several errands over 3 days I didn't seem to be using any gas and was amazed that after a month I had forgotten that my car gets pretty good gas mileage.

It wasn't until I had driven all over town, up to Temecula and all over town there that I realized that my gas gauge looks like this:
Guess my $15 didn't do as well as I thought!
**For my slower readers, you know who you are, the F and E are on opposite sides. So what I was reading as almost full was really almost empty.


tiffanyg said…
Oh Katrina, that is to funny!
The Lowe Family said…
unfortunately, i fell into the "slower readers" category.

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