My visit so far

Since we've been in Asheville we've been really busy with visiting family and being lazy. It's been a really great visit so far, but I have to say that the highlight thus far happened the other night after a really yummy Mexican dinner with guacamole and an awesome childrens menu (under $4 including drink and a huge selection of food!) when I had the distinct pleasure of explaining to my dad what a cameltoe is. I managed a little modesty and class when I told him that it was a wedgie in the front, but as is with my family the conversation quickly turned south and we spent the next 20 minutes giggling and making jokes like 13 year old boys.

I knew that there would be many more laughs, but didn't quite expect my parents to come through the door at 11 last night laughing about camel hoofs.

Just goes to show you can teach the slang but you can't teach the proper usage. Just wait til he finds out about moose knuckles.


Bonnie said…
LOL! Camel Hoofs! That's awesome! Don't you love parents!?
Sumpffamilie said…
Chris and I are in the kitchen right now laughing about this.. haha.
I love "spotting" camel toes, and then talking about how nasty they look. I mean, how does someone NOT know they have one?!?!
The Lowe Family said…
ever since i've been wearing these gauchos while pregnant, austin always catches my camel toes when i'm sitting on the couch. it's pretty bad. especially since i feel like my parts down there are like TEN TIMES the size they should be right now. i have camel balls really.

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