Has anyone seen my voice?

On Thursday I developed a sweet little scratchy throat cough, on Friday it wasn't much better, but no worse, a sip of water was enough to calm it down most times. Apparently wine is not so good for sweet little scratchy throat coughs and turns them into big nasty mean barky hacking coughs that result in loss of voice and the need for a glass of water in the middle of your supposed to be relaxing massage. Luckily I did make it through the ball and most of Saturday morning before losing my voice completely. It's a good thing cause I had dancing and chatting to do at the ball.

Now, for a little catch up on 27 days of Thankful.

Day 6. I am thankful for people who own boats. I love boats, I share this love with my Daddy, and seeing as how I am unable to afford the kind of a boat I would love to have (think yacht not row) I am thankful that there are people out there who can afford the kinds of boats that I enjoy looking at so that I have something to look at and dream about.

The view from our room for the ball

Day 7. I am thankful for massages. On Saturday morning Chris got me a massage at the hotel and it was so relaxing and wonderful and the first one I've had in the 2 years since Madelyn was born. The spa was fabulous, the prices reasonable, and the staff were wonderful. Actually I am going to amend this to being thankful for the entire staff at the Hyatt Regency. They were amazingly attentive, friendly, polite, and eager to make our stay wonderful. I've never been at a hotel with such amazing staff and the only thing I can compare it to is the staff on a cruise. LOVE IT!
Day 8. I am thankful for boxed muffin mixes that have cans of blueberries and not dehydrated weird little blueberry blobs. They make breakfast time so much more yummy and I always feel a little gourmet draining the blueberries and folding them gently into the mix. They are totally worth the extra money.


Candace said…
Sorry you've lost your voice, but that's great that you got a wonderful massage and had a nice time at the ball. :) I haven't had a massage in about a year and I think it's really getting time for me to get one.
I love those muffin mixes with the canned blueberries...makes SUCH a difference in taste!! Thanks for sharing. :)

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