Potties are fun!

No, really they are. I promise. OK, maybe not. They are kinda scary with the swirly water and the body waste and loud noises. Oh, but they are kind of like an amusement park ride for you poo! Yay! Rides are fun. See, potties are totally fun!

Yeah, we're potty training in our house. It's going OK, but when you have a very busy toddler you end up saying "Do you have to pee pee?" and "Let's sit on the potty" a million times a day and the peeing in the potty happens maybe twice because it's much more fun to pee in your pull up (or training pants) 30 seconds after you sit on the potty.

Yesterday we had a great morning potty wise and needed to go to the commissary so I got Madelyn on the potty right before we left, drove the 20 minutes to the store, took her into the potty as soon as we got there and both times nothing. I knew it was coming because she had orange juice on the drive over. We get through produce and 3 aisles over and I hear the tiniest little voice say "peepee" so we beeline to the potty, run in and she's still dry so I sit her on the potty and we sing "bumble bee" in my sexy raspy voice with a grocery store bathroom echo and nothing. So back out we go. We make it through the rest of the store and are in the far back corner completely opposite of the potty when she grabs her diaper and says "Pee!" I start trying to navigate the large space ship buggy full of groceries and a toddler yelling "Pee!" through the store. The thing with the large space ship buggy is that while it keeps Madelyn happy during shopping, it is heavy and a pain to steer when it's full. Luckily the store wasn't packed and we made it fairly easy and I only crashed into one old mans buggy on the way. Did I mention the buggy was hard to steer? Yeah.

We reach the potty and she's still dry, I start feeling a little twinge of success, we go inside, she sits on the potty, we sing "bumble bee" and nothing. She signs "all done" so we flush and wash our hands and go to finish shopping. I don't know if she was uncomfortable in the public restroom or if she just wasn't sure if she needed to go.

On the way home she fell asleep in the car and I brought her in for nap and with the sleeping, she peed in her and that was it for the day. No more potty sitting. I really hope I didn't traumatize her in the bathroom at the commissary.

Yesterday was Day 11 of 27 days of Thankful.

So for yesterday I was very thankful for not very crowded grocery stores so that I could hurry like a madwoman to the bathroom for two false alarms. :)


Ugh. Not looking forward to potty training again. My oldest was really easy once she decided she was ready to actually do it, but it is such a pain when you're out. ;)
Candace said…
Potty training sucks. Amber is the master potty trainer, you should get some tips from her if you ever decide you want some. :)
Ahh, yessssssss....potty training! I can't stand it! I have a puppy in my house right now. She pees on the floor for no reason and I step in it later.

I think Madelyn was telling you she had to pee in the store, because she wanted you to push her fast like a race car in her "buggy".

My puppy does AMAZING out in town. She always wears underwear and she tells me when she has to go and holds it the whole time....BUT...it's when we are home, she gets so lazy about going pee pee. It's so annoying!
Xazmin said…
Potty training...GAH...it is such a pain!

ESPECIALLY while shopping! I do love the "amusement park ride for your poo" philosophy though!

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