Boycotting So You Think You Can Dance or maybe America

I just watched the results show for SYTYCD and I think I need to boycott the show...but actually I should boycott America because they're the ones that voted.


I love Legacy. I have a huge crush on him and his dance style. I think he is one of the best dancers I have ever seen. I like the rawness of his talent, I get tired of seeing the over perfected moves and leg kicks, and feminine movements from the men. Don't get me wrong, Jakob is awesome and Russell is great and has that same raw feel, but there is just something about Legacy. I hate to think that Ryan made it through because of Ashleigh, because I am really tired of his stiff chest, wiggly hips business. He seems very fake to me and I just don't like his style. I think it's just the stiffness that comes with ballroom dancers and that is fine for his style I guess...I just don't like it and I don't enjoy watching him. I loved watching Legacy. I will miss watching him next week.

As for the women, I'm shocked that Molly is gone, but between her and Ellenore I enjoy watching Ellenore more. Ellenore is unique and fun. Molly was too, so again I'm not completely sure what the heck America was thinking with this. I'm not sure who I wanted to go home instead though, because I have enjoyed watching all the women...except maybe Kathryn. She has been low on my radar the whole show but really pulled it out this week.

I absolutely LOVED the Legacy and Ellenore pairing this week. So I'm pulling for Ellenore now and if she doesn't win I'm moving to Canada* because America has obviously lost it's flipping mind.

For the record I DID vote for Ellenore and Legacy. Therefore I get to gripe about the results. Non-voters don't get to gripe.

*OK, probably not but I'll think long and hard about it and gripe some more on my blog because I can.


Xazmin said…
OH, I am SOOOO with you on Legacy. LOVE THAT BOY! He has been my favorite from day one.

I do love Ryan though. Sorry. It's a Utah thing I guess. BUT between the 2, I would rather have seen Legacy in the finale. I truly cannot believe he didn't go all the way. He has KILLED everything they have given him. I could go on and on. Jakob is honestly my least favorite. And I know that's dumb because he is amazing, but he has never drawn me in. Ryan, Russell, and especially Legacy just have such a charisma and appeal for me.

I have always loved Kathryn too, and Ellenor really drives me nuts! Her "quirkiness" that everyone loves is getting really old to me. So sorry! I think I am pulling for Russell at this point. But definitely devastated beyond words that Legacy is not in the finale. Boo America. Fun to dish with a fellow SYTYCD fanatic though!
tiffanyg said…
I LOVED Legacy too!!!

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