Craft Day!

Since I have been feeling and being crafty lately I'm going to start showing off some of our fun. I'm not really one who is concerned with age appropriateness for parent supervised crafts, so alot of things come out really fun. I also do crafts on my own without "assistance" and I'll show some of those off too.

This is our fall themed craft, we had friends Paige and Emmalyn over to play with the salt dough and make a nice floury mess in the kitchen (seriously, Madelyn was the messiest, Emmalyn wasn't interested, and Paige did awesome!).

We made salt dough leaf prints which I found on That Artist Woman.

I didn't get any pictures of us rolling, patting, and "stamping" because salty doughy hands and cameras don't mix.
After painting, while drying.

What happens when toddlers meet paint and watch Mommy "paint on her face" each morning.

After the coat of Mod Podge for sealing and shinyness. Madelyn painted two leaves and her handprint.

The two I painted and "washed" with brown paint and water.

After they were dry I used a permanent marker and wrote the year on the back along with something that we were each thankful for. Next year we are going to have a Thankful tree and hang these from it. I envision adding to it each year with some sort of "ornament".

These are so easy, fun, and cheap to make! If you are looking for a great craft that can be given as a gift or kept for years, this is it!


Gail said…
Hey Froggylady
These turned out great and I bet the kids had a great time. Thanks so much for the link and letting me know!
take care
Xazmin said…
They turned out so cute! You should come over and link them up to Mod Podge Mania!

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