How to make a Gingerbread House. A step by step tutorial

Today my lovely assistant Madelyn is going to show us all how to make a gingerbread house using a milk carton, icing, graham crackers and candy.

1. Spread the icing on the milk carton to stick the graham crackers to.

2. Taste the icing. This is the renowned "Spread a little, lick a little" approach.

3. (not pictured) Carefully stick all of the graham crackers to the milk carton.
4. Add candy and sprinkles.

5. Use icing to add peppermints.
Or just lick it...

6. Ta Da! Your house is complete, sit back and admire your handy work...and be glad nobody is going to live in crooked little house.

Notice in the background that other kids had a significant amount of help from their moms. I am proud to say that other than sticking the graham crackers together and adding a small twizzler embelishment that was eluding Madelyn, she did all of the smearing, decorating, and eating herself.

After you have made your house and eaten too much candy and icing, you may need to call a doctor about your stomach ache. I wouldn't call this one though...she prefers to treat fish.


What a cute little elf you have there! She has gotten so big!!!!! She did a great job making a gingerbread house!
Bonnie said…
That was awesome! I'm glad that you are a hands off type mama. It would have driven me crazy, I probably would have done most of it... but I'd like to think it would be because Emmalyn would rather eat than design. At least that's what I usually tell myself.

I love the gingerbread house! She did a great job!
Amanda said…
I love your let-'em-learn approach! She'll definitely be able to take care of herself. :-)
The Lowe Family said…
thats adorable katrina. she's precious!

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