Who says there isn't any weather in CA?

Proof of fall...on December 1.
Leaves on the ground...see, just like fall. Nevermind the fact that it is was most definitely warm enough for us to be out in the leaves barefoot without even and hint of a chill.

Cute little pigtailed dumplin playing in the leaves. We had a whole lotta fun crunching them.

I am so screwed up with my dates and seasons and my internal calendar. Back in November somebody said something about not meeting until December and I said "Wow, we're gonna skip a month of meetings?" Yeah. It feels like October to me. I know we did Halloween and Thanksgiving, but the weather is screwing me up! How am I supposed to think Christmas when leaves are just NOW changing color and falling off the trees? That is September/October weather. Thankfully we'll have a nice shock of cold, winter weather in a few weeks.


Xazmin said…
That's hilarious that it's warm enough to play in the leaves barefoot!

I'm snuggled under a fur blanket right now and my toes are FREEZING!

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