I am a huge a fan of baby wearing. It is so easy and wonderful and snuggly and keeps your hands free so you can do many many things. I wore Madelyn a lot and my sling was a lifesaver on our first flight, she snuggled in and went to sleep and I changed planes, got a hot dog and took a pee all while she was snuggled to my chest!

I guess Madelyn hasn't forgotten the wonderfulness of baby wearing either:

Why yes, she is wearing her baby around her neck with a pearl necklace around the baby's neck. I don't see a problem.


Bonnie said…
I never wore my baby, but you bet I'm going to with this one. I need to get me one of those fancy wraps that Jess was giving away.
The Lowe Family said…
SHoulda entered my contest Bonnie...but noooooo you were being a brat. your loss!

kora has a child size moby wrap that she uses for her dolls. she knows how to wrap it all around her body the right way and everything. it's so cute. she's big enough now that i can wrap gus up on her chest around the house. i love it!!

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