First post of 2010

Nevermind the fact that I didn't blog for the last couple weeks of 2009, but something about being with family, lack of wireless, and a foot of snow just didn't lend itself to blogging. My camera is currently MIA (in either my parents car or my FIL) so no pictures for you.

I thought about doing a traditional resolutions post, but I don't believe in resolutions. I feel we should always strive to grow and to better ourselves. There are a few things I want to do this year, a few things I am looking forward to and a few that I am dreading.

Things I want to do:
Visit San Francisco (probably won't happen til 2011 cause of things I am dreading)
Snorkle/go diving
Start sewing more and doing tons more crafts.

Things I'm looking forward to:
Crafting w/ my partner in Craft, Denise
Continuing volunteering with LINKS and the Family Readiness Program
Vacation visits from family
Another CA spring and summer! :)

Things I am dreading:
deployment of my husband
deployment of our friends
deployment period

I know my lists aren't that exciting but at this point I'm honestly a little afraid to have lofty expectations because of how much our life is going to change this year and how much more it could change.

I promise a fun post with fun pictures from our holiday visit home as soon as I locate my camera and subsequently the card wtih all the pics on it.


I feel ya!!!!! I already feel like this year SUCKS! But then again, I'm just down right now. I wish I could fast forward to the end of the year....well, I guess maybe into next year so you will be in a happy place too.

I'm here for you as a sound board if you need me. I mean it!
Candace said…
I'm sorry to hear your husband is deploying soon too. :( Lots of husbands seem to be leaving right now. I hope you guys had a great holiday season together.

And I want to visit San Francisco too! Hopefully one day...
The Lowe Family said…
if u go to san fran u HAVE to visit my sister. she can show u the ropes. little sister. look up her link on my bloggity

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