Getting ready..

There are exciting things in the works for this weekend, a friend is coming over for a CRAFTING EXTRAVAGANZA! Of course that means that I need to do a cleaning extravaganza first because we've been out of town for 3 weeks, we are renewing our lease and the property manager wants to look at the house, and I'm getting tired of the clutter. The property manager thing has me in a tizzy because for some reason I have it my head that she's going to open closets and drawers, and I know that isn't reality, but that didn't stop me from organizing and cleaning out two closets yesterday while my daughter continued to destroy the house with toys. Seriously, the toys have taken over the kitchen/family room, the living room and are now creeping into the hall threatening to take over my bedroom. It's a very scary thing. Now ask me if I've picked them up. Nope!

I'm going to call my local hardware store this afternoon and see if they will cut a 2x4 into 3 inch pieces for me for a craft I want to do. I am calling because I don't want to be laughed at in person. I'm making the "letter blocks" I keep seeing everywhere. I can't wait to get some LOVE on my mantle and share it with you!

It's raining a ridiculous amount here and I am so thankful for parking in the garage. I have never parked in the garage because we have too much crap. Well, we've straightened up the crap and now I can pull in and I love it!


Dear Matt said…
Didn't you know when the home inspectors do your house inspections, they ALWAYS open up closet doors, they especially like looking for dirty underwear that are laying dirty side up!

Can't wait to see your craft!!!
Shana said…
Stopping in from SITS! Hope youa re having a wonderful day!! I like your blog and can't wait to browse around some.
KingstonsQueen said…
Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Enjoy your day :)
KingstonsQueen said…
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