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I have decided to let Jillian Micheals kick my butt via dvd since according to the scale tonight I managed to GAIN 12 pounds over the holiday. That is just ridiculous. I swear my body goes back to caveman times in cold weather and starts packing it on so I don't freeze to death. While I didn't eat that well, I know I didn't eat so bad that it warranted 12lbs. Unfortunately I like food too much to really do much with diet this time of year so butt kicking it is. I'll be purchasing my dvd tomorrow and starting as soon as I have it (may have to order on-line, but am going to look at electronics store). I will be doing a weekly butt kicking update on my shredding progress. The dvd claims 20lbs in 30 days, but I'm not expecting that.


Dear Matt said…
Why must our bodies do this to us?!?! I mean, we are feeding it good food, okay maybe some of it is junk, but still, we ARE feeding it! It would be nice if it didn't make us have to work so hard to get rid of all the extra weight!
Lourie said…
20 pounds in 30 days is too much. You want slower stays off better that way. I have a lot more than 12 to lose. I just wish we could eat whatever we want...without consequence of course.

Stopping by from SITS
Laura said…
Hi! Stopping over from SITS. :) Ugh, I totally know what you mean about the winter good! I have done the Shred and it really is a great workout, good luck!! :)
Bonnie said…
I gained 5, and I attribute it more to sitting and staying on my fat butt rather than a poor diet. I have become quite the lazy susan.

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