A little random...

My life is a little random right now, so here are some things that don't really need a post all to themselves.

1. My daughter has a serious issue with hygeine. As in it's her favorite things to do. Wash her hands? Oh yeah! She'll wash her hands all day if I let her. Brush her teeth? I'm lucky if the 3 times a day is enough to appease her. Bath? Heck Yeah! She'll take a bath anytime, and if you mention any of the above things she will run to the associated area and try to do it. Just say bath and she starts stripping. I don't have to spell candy, or toys, or play, but I have to spell teeth, wash, and bath.
2. She's also on a serious peanut butter kick. As in she says "butter poon". Meaning she wants her peanut butter on a spoon, don't ruin it with bread or crackers. Her lunch the past three days has been 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, yogurt, and tortilla chips. Such a balanced diet.

3. Here Madelyn demonstrates how to go from real life housewife to made for tv housewife in two easy steps.
1. Take the curler out of your hair.
2. Put on a dress.

4. This post is all about Madelyn because nothing else is going on in my life. I'm pretty lame, and right now there's a bit of a break in all the things I volunteer for because I missed the January things while we were in Asheville.
5. One thing I do seem to be really good at right now is attracting bad weather. While we were in Asheville, there was about a foot of snow, it didn't get above freezing for 3 weeks, and there was snow every day. It was like living in a snowglobe. Now that we're back in CA, they are having warm weather and CA is getting hit with rain and chilly temps.

6. I'm really looking forward to a crafty weekend with my friend Denise and hopefully will have lots of neat finished crafts to share. If not, at least I know I'll have some laughs and some great stories of what happens when 6 girls hang out in one house (only two are adults).


That's so funny that you have to spell words like teeth, wash, and bath.

My boys are that way about baths but I wish they would desire to brush their teeth more often.
Laura said…
That is so cute she loves being so...clean!! Love that you have to spell it, too cute! The pictures are great. :)
Dear Matt said…
Hopefully she is giving you the spoons back, and not hiding them somewhere around the house. You might get a mice friend!
Sew Chic said…
Your daughter and my youngest have the water thing in common, she is forever in the bathroom.

Thanks for stopping by SISTA

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique
Xazmin said…
What a cutie!

At least she doesn't RESIST hygiene...that would be worse!
The Lowe Family said…
i am in LOVE with that turquoise sink. is that in ur house?

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