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Amber over at .{aefilkins} is hosting a really fun event called Friend Making Monday! I like making friends so I'm joining in, plus her question today ties in with something that I've been thinking a whole lot about lately given my recent escapade to JoAnnes and the realization that I really need a whole lot more money to feed my habit. :)

The Question:
With the new year here, and resolutions & organizational goals in full force, what are some of the projects on your list? Are you working on any specific projects around the house, such as purging, organizing, craft projects, home improvement projects?

In my new notebook, I have a list of projects that I want to complete for 2010, plus several pages of fun ideas for holiday and seasonal fun with Madelyn.

So, here's a quick peak at my list:
1. Redo cushions for my Grandaddy's chair. I started this project 9 years ago, my sewing machine crapped out on me and I've just be laying the fabric on the cushions. It's quite sad actually.

2. Create a backboard for the headboard on Chris' childhood bed that is in the guest room. The thin pressboard one it had was damaged 3 moves ago.

3. Make a quilt top with Madelyn's baby clothes. I'm a beginning sewer and never quilter, so I'm just pushing for the quilt top which I may or may not send out to be quilted.

4. Prettify our tv tables that are used for everything in our family room and are showing the wear and tear.

5. Knit, sew, and create at least 4 Christmas gifts for family. I have one planned already but these have to be secret until December 25, 2010.

There is what I would consider my top five, but obviously my true list is much much longer! :)


Nice! Both making friends and making lists are included in my favorite things.
1. Friends are nice.
2. You can't have too many friends.
3. Being a friend is important.
4. You can makes lists about your friends.

(I'm sorry to hear about the messy opening of the surprise "present")
Michelle Hart said…
Oh, I totally know what you mean about the Joanne's habit! One of our smaller Joanne's is closing and they are liquidating EVERYTHING. I just bought $75 worth of fabric for $22!!

I am an ameteur seamstress as well. I now have all this fabric and no clue what to do with it all! Good luck on all your projects. I hope you're able to accomplish them all.
Laura said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura said…
You are so crafty, I love it! You will have to post lots of pictures as you do your projects! :)
Namine said…
Great list! I hope you get them all. I have made one quilt, it's difficult, not sure if I would do it again... Happpy FMM
JoeyRes said…
Your list is so crafty and nice! My list includes paint and paint some more in my new house. Variety would be nice!

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