Raise your hand if you watch The Biggest Loser? I love that show! I love watching people change their lives and workout from the comfort of my couch while eating m&ms.

If you don't watch, I'll fill you in a little bit. It's a weight loss competition for teams of two and they are voted off based on their weightloss percentage. This season there is a mother daughter team that is really hard core. They are the green team, Miggy and Migdalia. Those that watch are shaking their heads in agreement right now. They have been given a lot of grief because they are strong hispanic women that don't show emotion. Jillian got in Migdalia (the daughters) face last week yelling at her to feel some emotion, to cry, that crying wasn't weak. I tend to agree that feeling emotions is a sign of strength and that holding them in isn't always best. That is until I learned this week that Migdalia's husband was scheduled to leave for Afghanistan WHILE she was at the ranch (if she made it 5 more weeks) and then I realized that girl was just trying to keep her shit together.

Only another military spouse can understand what she was feeling. In the last weeks leading up to a deployment you are raw, you just want to crawl in a hole with your family and make time stand still. I cannot imagine being on a momentous weight loss journey AND possibly missing my husband leaving...knowing that he might not come back. It was such a huge sacrifice that she made and I believe that she did for her mom as much as she did it for herself. The only time she's smiled since the first week was getting to call home.

I know first hand that a deployment makes you raw, that if you don't make yourself stone that you might cry at something seemingly ridiculous and nobody wants to do that on national television. Some day I'll share with you about how I turned into a puddle of blubbering nasty and got tons of looks at the repair shop.

So, I doubt Migdalia will read this, but I don't think she is an emotionless wreck, I think she is a wonderfully selfless, strong woman, that was afraid that if she allowed herself to cry a little that she might just lose her shit all over that ranch.


Bonnie said…
You know, I love you Katrina, but you and I differ on this issue. Not with the crappy rawness that only pre-deployment brings. But I was pissed at her. WHY did she leave! I would NEVER leave if I thought I might miss Dave before he left. What the crap was she thinking? He may not come back and she was willing to miss her last moments of seeing him by going on that show. I'm sorry, but there is always next season.

I heard about her husband and I lost so much respect for her. The last thing my husband needs right before he leaves is for me to abandon him and his children in the pursuit of weightloss. If her concerns were for her health and livelihood, she should have gone to the gym.... not to the biggest loser. Not then, not at that time. Her family and her husband should ALWAYS come first.

But that is my opinion, and I will admit that I haven't liked them since the beginning. They have such a chip on their shoulders. They took everything so personal and they whined and moaned the whole time. At no time did I think that they were unemotional. They were quite the opposite, they were too emotional. Seriously, it's a game and if you aren't there to win- you won't be there long. I was so mad at her for leaving her husband.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the confrontational tone of my comment. It's been a crazy day. Do you want to go to the park and cheer me up with pumpkin bread? :-)
Bonnie said…
Hey, I'm surprised that no other people commented to say what a B**** I was. Maybe they just called you to tell you that :-)
Becster said…
My husband and I are church musicians. The morning our son's plane took off from NC for Iraq (we're in Miami) we were at church preparing to do the music for the funeral of a lifelong friend's mother. As we were rehearsing, his girlfriend sent me a text. "He just took off."

We lost it. And then went and somehow managed to do the music.

*hugs to you and your family*
1st, Bonnie....you're a B****. Kidding. So kidding!! ;)

Anyway, I remember when my dad would be getting ready for "westpac" my mom was a mess. Her eyes would always leak, her nose would run, and GAWD forbid you innocently mention that your younger brother (he was 5) might be gay and she would fly off the handle! LOL

My point is, it took it's tole on us kids and I would have preferred my mom to be a little more held together, but in the long run you have to deal the way you have to deal and NOBODY should judge ANYBODY. That's up to the big "G" and I'm not speaking of Lady Ga Ga or George Michael!

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