Sunday Stuff

Going through my pictures tonight I found that I have a lot of stuff in the works, but not too much completed, ready for reveal, or small enough to just throw in here. Interestingly enough, all of tonights pictures have two things in common...Valentine's Day and pink!

First up is Madelyn modeling a lovely Valentine's dress and doing the mashed potato.

Second is a little heart decoration that I made on a whim to go over my mantle. .
I kind of consider this a craft fail, I'm not loving the LOVE so I'll probably be reworking these soon. Plus...sneak peak...(hint hint).

Madelyn channeling her inner diva!

Just a heart to show you that I LOVE comments, so leave em. Good, bad, and ugly. Well, maybe not ugly because then I might cry.


Jernigan Family said…
LOVE Madelyn's shoes with her tutu!
Bonnie said…
I can't tell you enough how much I love that dress! It is so freakin' cute! And the heart and the LOVE, both are cute. What's your issue with the LOVE, why don't you like it?
Dear Matt said…
Love the dress, and the tutu!!!! See, you'll be keeping yourself busy with all this new crafty stuff in the months to come. Just think about the ENTIRE wardobe you can make for Madelyn over the summer!!!!

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